Bisexual Dating Tips & Guides

  • Unique Valentine's Day Celebration ideas for Bisexual Couples

    When you are involved in a bisexual relationship, Valentine’s Day can be special and stressful as well. Actually, it is all about how creative you can be about your plans. Moving out for a dinner in the romantic ambiance, or having fun in a hotel room with intimate moments, it is all about how comfortable you both feel with each other... Read More »

  • 5 Must-Know Dating Tips for Bisexual Men

    It happens much time, you meet a nice girl in a party, have long hour talk and spend memorable time. Slowly you start moving out together for dinner, movies and long drive but one day you tell her the truth that you are bisexual. Now what? You both are totally involved with each other and cannot think about staying away. So, how you should react now? Actually, the matter is not that complicated as you think. There are few essential tips that you need to follow while dating as bisexual men and surprisingly, everything will soon become fine between you both. ... Read More »

  • Top 5 Best LGBT Dating Sites

    LGBT Dating sites are popular among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. We all know that relationships are usually challenging part of life but when you have a true heart then everything becomes easy. The fact is that when we talk about LGBT dating then it is not like a faint-hearted relation rather it can also create beautiful experiences for life. When both partners are interested to lead a healthy relationship than even the same sex relationships can bring excitement in life... Read More »

  • What It's Really Like to Be a Bisexual Woman?

    Being bisexual can be amazing for any woman. It basically allows you to remove all the unwanted barriers and it just enables you to have fun and enjoy your life in any way you want. It really is a nice opportunity and one that helps you push the experience to new heights. But it can also be troublesome at times. Read More »

  • Some Important Tips to Meet a Bisexual!

    No human has much to do regarding his/her sexual orientation and interest. This is why you can find a large LGBT community across the world. In case you are a bisexual member of that community and want to meet bisexual men of your interest, there are ways. This is an article reading which you can learn the key things that someone should know in case she wants to make a bisexual friend. Read More »

  • Way to Become a Cool Bisexual.

    Different people have a different opinion regarding bisexuals. Among bisexuals, some are simply cool and can catch the attention easily.Yes, those types of bisexuals exist who present them as different as many others and many other bisexuals shows profound interest in them. Here you can get some cool tips to become a cool bisexual. ... Read More »

  • Getting Bisexuals from a Proper Place.

    Every large community gave bisexual bars and it is a favorite place for the people of this community. While being a man picking up men can be confusing from outside as you might mismatch a heterosexualman with a bisexual men. This problem can be the same for a female. But in a specialized bisexual bar, there is no chance to become confused. But still, there are some key norms to follow and things to learn to pick up bisexuals from such a bar. Here’s how you can start proceeding. ... Read More »

  • Identifying the Flirts of Bisexual!

    Flirting has some common features and some of its expression can be found as similar in all sorts of flirting including men-women flirting, women-women and men-men flirting. In case you are seeing two menor two women are making a private conversation sitting to the next table of you in a public restaurant, there are few signs that can help you to understand whether that is a friendly conversation or a flirty one. Again a person taking with a female doesn’t mean it is a friendly conversation, because the person might be a bisexual. ... Read More »

  • Bisexual Norms and Common Practice of Dating!

    First few dating is always nerve-wracking. This is true for gay, lesbian and for all forms of bisexual dating. Knowing the key etiquette can help you to settle down easily while two partners are in a date. This is how someone can make the time spending meaningful and enjoyable. Here are some of those as follows. ... Read More »