Reviews of Findhrr

Findhrr is an app works as one of the leading bisexual and lesbian meeting platform. It is a downloadable mobile app that you can use anywhere to get connected with other bisexuals around you and in rest of the world. In case you are bored of seeing the same faces and want to get interacted with some new faces, Findhrr can be your friend. Every day hundreds of woman are connecting at this platform and waiting for new members to join. This is where you can gossip and chat. This is where someone can plan for dates and can meet for a coffee after the office. If you are abisexual and have an iPhone, you should download this app right now.

Findhrr App Review

Specialty of Findhrr:

This is really a great app that includes manybisexual related information and articles. You can get a lot of thing in a single place. Here you can get a matchmaker game that can help someone to swipe members easily and therefore to find her perfect match. The app itself helps its member if any similarity is revealed. This app is made by some bisexual people and it is open for of all. This is where you can find your friend in the most convenient way. Doesn’t matter whatever the current relationship status of you, you can use this app and find you mate.

Key features of Findhrr:

  • This is a place where unlimited messaging is possible with photo sharing. You can view as many profiles as you want. Every day new members are coming and your surface area is increasing accordingly in terms of the search area.
  • This app is not for sending the message only; rather you can use it for getting valuable information regarding different locations for perfect liaisons.
  • This is an app that can help you to search ladies by locations as cities or district. As this app cover a large area, the chance of getting interacted with more bisexuals is optimized.
  • Here you can search for bisexuals by the location and their age. Besides you can check their relationship status too.
  • If you have a premium membership, no banner adverts can distract you.
  • This is where you can get numbers of gorgeous profiles. All members are covered under priority support

Subscription charge of Findhrr:

Subscription charge is under the affordable range to all. When you will confirm a purchase, only then your account will be debited from your iTunes account. It is necessary to close any subscription at least 24 hours before of auto renewal process to set go. You can get premium version for one month at £4.49. For three month the cost will be £8.49 and for an entire year, it will cost you £14.49.

Safety and security:

This app is safe for all. All profiles are verified here and therefore you will not encounter any men or any false identity. Your information is also safe here. You can check the user reviews to know more about their opinion and about the privacy they are enjoying.


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